About Us

For half a century, IPT has been a leader in the manufacturing and application of positive displacement pumps and meters in Turkey. IPT formerly known as Ismet Petrol, was founded in 1958 and has always been the leader in its field for 50 years and is always recognised and distinguished by the quality and reliability of its products.

IPT has been committed to serving specific industries where our positive displacement pumps and meters offer the best product life cost cycle possible. We have expanded our offering of products beyond pumps and meters to include the technologies you demand. Today our product solutions fit multiple industries.

While our main products are fuel counters and fuel pumps, transfer sets, dispensers and service within these areas, products of IPT are used in a variety of industries including LPG, chemical processing, refined fuels, petroleum, food & sanitary and the mobile transport industries.

Today, IPT has its strength and flexibility by its ability to anticipate and adapt to its customers' needs. Over the years the product range has developed concurrently with the market requirements, which means IPT is able to manufacture variety of special products for the customized application of your’s.

To come up with a really good product demands plenty of knowledge and fresh, innovative ideas. Yet most important of all is to listen to our customers needs and requirements. So that we can see what can be improved and identify things that are not working optimally. Only then we can create something new – and that actually makes a big difference for you.

The everlasting IPT Pump/Meter Technology not only presupposes matured and highly developed technology, but also intelligent after-sales solutions aiming at maintaining the serviceable life of the products in a long run with minimum efforts. For this, IPT provides you with fully developed service concepts, including comprehensive services for your PD products. The efficient combination of technical competency, know-how, quickest resource access and the unparalleled IPT Customer Service offers you the optimum reliability that you need to operate your equipment.

IPT is an entrepreneur and progressive company that passes the ISO 9001 system for all company activities in 1997, get the ATEX certificate for meters and pumps in 2008 and MID certification for meters in 2015.

The logo represents IPT's registered trademark. Since our legacy company name "İsmet Petrol Teknik" was changed to "IPT" in 2004, we kept this logo as our products' signature.

In case you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to receiving your valuable comments and suggestions.

Best Regards